Justin + Mindy | A Romantic Wedding at the Home of President James Monroe

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Located at Ashlawn Highland, former home of President James Monroe, Mindy and Justin’s wedding was one for the books. Between the yellow and white blooms, dress details, incredible bird cage veil was an amazing love story. The bride and groom met in the fifth grade, where the groom was accused of tying the bride’s hair to a chair. In high school they gave love a chance. They started dating and quickly fell head over feet for each other. The rest is history.

Mindy is the sweetest, kindest person I think I have ever met. Case in point, the day after her wedding she planned on donating all of her wedding flowers to a local hospital. What a great idea!

Justin is an adventurous, motorcycle rider, who made everyone cry at the ceremony with his personalized vows. He started by reading off a piece of notebook paper, but he ended with an “off the cuff,” improvised speech. He ended his vows explaining how thankful he was to be able to wake up tomorrow next to Mindy knowing he is the luckiest man in the world. *Sigh* I love witnessing and capturing these moments.

Their wedding day was sweet and charming. The love and care that was put into each sign, centerpiece, and detail did not go unnoticed. The bride wore her grandmother’s pearls as her something old, her sister’s bird cage veil as her something borrowed, and she even had the bottom of her heels hand-painted blue to include the date of her wedding and her new last name, Palcic. Yellow and white blooms, displayed in bottles and mason jars, wrapped in burlap and ribbon, served as centerpieces. These elements were carefully arranged on log slices to add a rustic element to the charming decor. A fingerprint guestbook showcased the bride and groom on a motorcycle and pink cupcakes were a delicious twist on the traditional wedding cake. All in all, the day was a beautiful reflection of the special love shared between Mindy and Justin. I wish them all the best!

Mindy & Justin (7 of 1275)This post would not be complete without a shout out to my INCREDIBLE second shooter, James Plourde. He worked his tail off, running to get bouquets as needed, coming up with great ideas, and even offering to climb a tree during the ceremony to get a birds eye view. He didn’t end up climbing the tree, but I loved his dedication. He did fabulous, capturing some of my favorite images of the day, including behind the scenes images of me doing what I love. So, THANK YOU JAMES! Hope we can do the brother/sister team thing again. Enjoy this romantic, Charlottesville wedding. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section!

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