This beautiful couple is getting married in November, and I couldn’t be more excited to share their big day with them. Bryan and Hannah are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. Hannah is simply gorgeous, inside and out! & The way Bryan looks at her just melts my heart. I loved Hannah’s adorable wedges and statement necklace + Bryan’s beard game is on point. Oh & just wait until you see Hannah’s custom designed ring! Bryan created the look all on his own! You are going to be blown away! 1Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-26.jpg2Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-35.jpg3Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-62.jpg4Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-64.jpg5Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-77.jpg6Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-81.jpg7hannah-and-bryan_engaged-1248hannah-and-bryan_engaged-1299Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-142.jpg10hannah-and-bryan_engaged-150hannah-and-bryan_engaged-15512Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-167.jpg13Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-183.jpg14Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-204.jpg15Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-227.jpg16Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-210.jpg17Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-220.jpg20Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-285.jpg23Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-308.jpg24Hannah and Bryan_Engaged-324.jpg

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