Bryan + Jessica | A Colorful, Anchor Inspired Wedding

This sweet couple met while watching a rugby game. They started their friendship heckling each other while cheering on their respective teams. It’s only fitting that their wedding was a fun celebration of their love from beginning to end. It was filled with lots of laughter, dancing, and happy tears.

Jessica did an amazing job coordinating each part of the day. There were colorful florals, baby goats, a cupcake tower with FIVE different flavors, cute pumpkin details, and an AWESOME glow stick farewell. My favorite part was the anchor theme that was incorporated into the decor. It reminded me of the way Jessica explained how she fell for Bryan. In an email she wrote,  “Looking back, there were so many occasions where I realized Bryan was a keeper. He was super supportive from the very beginning, nursing school is not joke. I was in an accelerated program for my Bachelor’s degree, working full time with a government contractor, and doing clinicals and volunteer work- and he was my anchor through it all!” They are both heroes in their job. She’s a mother/baby nurse, so basically she’s an angel. I don’t know what I would’ve done without the amazing care I received from my post delivery nurses. Bryan is a former marine and now a police officer. They give so much to other people through their jobs,  and I just LOVE how at the end of the day they have each other to lean on. I think it so sweet that an anchor will always symbolize their commitment and support of one another. 

I just want to say congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hatta! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your beautiful day! I loved meeting and getting to know you guys! I can’t wait to see all your future holds!! Best wishes!!

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep331Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep3503Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep487Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep70Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep175.jpgBryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep3552Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep4035a13.jpgBryan and Jessica's Wedding_Bride and Groom108Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep306Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep273.jpg

Jessica’s makeup was perfection!

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep309

I love that we were able to get this shot of Jessica and her dad seconds before she walked out the door to get married!

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony5112Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony268.jpg

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony99
After walking his daughter down the aisle, Jessica’s dad took a second to renew his vows with his wife. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony107Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony115Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony122Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony130Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony179Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony180Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony187Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Ceremony325Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Pre Ceremony Details and Prep331

Jessica and Bryan_Wedding Party99Jessica and Bryan_Wedding Party106

Jessica was a ray of sunshine! Such a radiant bride!

Jessica and Bryan_Wedding Party43Jessica and Bryan_Wedding Party46Jessica and Bryan_Wedding Party58Jessica and Bryan_Wedding Party62Jessica and Bryan_Wedding Party69Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Family Portraits and Cocktail Hour142Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Family Portraits and Cocktail Hour144

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Bride and Groom23
I’m such a sucker for white porch swings, so I was pumped when Jessica wanted to use it for some bride and groom shots.

17Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Bride and Groom2518

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Bride and Groom61
That light. This couple. It made my heart happy.

19Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Bride and Groom7220Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Bride and Groom7421Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception606

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception603
It was so hard not to grab one of these yummy looking treats! The bakery did a wonderful job on this beautiful cupcake tower!

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception725bBryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception21Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception24Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception6223Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception79

So, so sweet!
Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception97
I think this is the 10th time I caught Bryan’s mom crying! I love being there to capture sweet moments like this!

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception94

Before “Butterfly Kisses” started playing, Bryan handed his new bride a tissue! I teared up right along with them!

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception168Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception28828Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception338Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception504

How do you know your husband is a keeper? He dances with your nephew and wipes his momma’s tears away, that’s how!

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception207Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception24927Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception392Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception577Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception578Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception561Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception589.jpgBryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception584

Bryan and Jessica's Wedding_Reception594
The perfect end to a perfect day!

A huge thank you to the incredible vendors who made this day possible!

Hair & Make Up: Laila Beauty (Monica Hurui & crew)
Florals: Faithful Flowers (Karoline Kem)
Cupcakes: Confections Cupcakery (Laura Brletic)
Catering: Clearwater Catering (Nathan Moates)
Venue: Rock Hill Plantation
DJ: Richard Green of Rock Hill Plantation
Day of Coordinator: Erin Murphy
Officiant: Rev. Kevin Moen
Dress alterations: My’s Bridal Alterations
Bryan’s Wedding Band: Nada’s Jewlers
Jessica’s Rings: DND Jewlers

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