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Karen & Jeff | Stafford, VA

When I look at this couple, clearly deeply in love after 30 years of marriage, I can’t help but think of all the moments that brought them to this one. The first dates, the proposal, their wedding day…the moment they found out they were having a baby, a daughter, and when they watched her marry the love of her life…I think about the good times they’ve had, the challenges, and how despite all that life threw their way, their love persevered. Their love stood the test of time. & It is their story and their commitment that makes these images so beautiful.

Shout out to their son-in-law, Morgan, who carried gear, drove golf carts, and helped ensure everything went smoothly during the photo session & to their daughter, also Morgan, who not only gave them this session, but threw a surprise anniversary party at a nearby location. It took a great deal of ninja skill to sneak friends, loved ones, and a BBQ truck pass the very spot we were taking photos! We ended our session with the party and even stole a few photos on a GORGEOUS dock just as the sun was setting.

Karen and Jeff, I feel so honored to have captured this moment in your story. Cheers to the best years yet!

Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-971Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-32Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-7.jpg3Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-17.jpg4Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-36.jpgWebb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-45.jpg5Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-43.jpg7Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-48.jpgWebb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-69.jpg8Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-74.jpgWebb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-83Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-85Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-79Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-108.jpg9Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-115.jpg10Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-109.jpg11Webb Anniversary Session_AmberHarringtonPhotography-120.jpg

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